Our Goat Milk Soap is Tops!!

The soaps that started it all! With our original, homemade blends made with hand-milked, farm fresh goats' milk, these varieties are a great place to discover the wonders of 1899 Goat Milk Soap.

Your skin will thank you!

You'll love the scent and feel of your skin after only one bath with 1899, our  handmade goat's milk soap. Goat milk soap softens the skin, keeps skin from being dry, helps itchy skin and can even soothe eczema. And our soaps are made from a secret family recipe you’ll find nowhere else, a blend of essential ingredients with no additives, preservatives or harsh chemicals. Order a basket for yourself or as a gift, or choose your favorite individual scents!

1899 Goat Milk Soap

Our soaps have been said to soothe the skin. Check out our different soaps and choose what'll work for you!!

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