Holland Family Farms

Holland Farms was started in 1899 by our forefather, Conklin Holland. He purchased this piece of land in Marshall County, Mississippi and with his family, began what is now known as Holland Farms. The history behind this purchase includes this section of land having few owners previous to Conklin's purchase. He bought this land from a previous landowner, which in turn bought it from the United States government, who took it from the Chickasaw, a local Native American tribe.

With this rich history of agriculture and farm management, Holland Farms continue to lay down time-old traditions and farm practices into the future. All of our products are homegrown and handmade from nature's bounty. Keeping farmimg practices sustainable and available to the next generation is key to our practices.

As Conklin Holland began Holland Farms, he was planning for his future generations to come and the ability to care for their families and surrounding community. Being a part of Marshall County, Mississippi and the community of Hudsonville was an important aspect to Conklin. He not only provided crops and produce for his family, he provided these goods to the community. Continuing these farming practices is still the center of Holland Farms as the current generation passes this along to family to come.

Our products and goods are purchased from our community, the city of Holly Springs, MS, the surronding counties, the Mid-South and the country. We are a small farm operation trying to leave our farming practices to the generations to come.    

Holland Farms